User interface


Action buttons

Icon Description
icon Add attached file
icon Send message
icon Download attached file


Write a message

To write a message, simply take the focus of the text field and type or paste the message to send.

Add attached

Button: icon

By clicking on the button, a native window will open in which you can select and add the file. A preview element will be generated for each file. If the file is an image type, a preview of the content will be seen in the preview.


If you want to delete an attached file, press the icon: icon


File sharing, as well as the type and size of files, may be limited by user profiles or operational configurations.

Send message

Button: icon

A message will be generated in the following cases:

  • Text field is not empty.
  • There are attached files not sent.

After sending the message, the text field and the preview of all attachments will be cleared.

Download attached file

Attachment download

Button: icon

You can download the attached files to your local computer