The function of this module is to be able to share with the client a view of the Show Room through the different cameras located in it.

User interface

An example of the Vodafone's showroom.


Item Description
Camera pin Camera
Tv pin TV


In order to use the module, there must be an active call. Using the icon Switch video icon the user interface will be displayed. It will show a plan of the Show Room and the different devices will be marked. Placing the cursor over each device will show the viewing area of each one, if it has one.

Select device

By clicking on the device, it will be selected and by clicking accept the broadcast will begin. The client will view it as if it were just another canvas on the blackboard.


The close-up camera will be paused.

Verify broadcast

If the broadcast is active, the icon whill show a red circle. Active broadcast

Stop broadcast

To stop the broadcast, you must use the button located at the bottom right of the Desktop.


When the broadcast is stopped, the client will no longer see the canvas.