Inbound Landing

When a client visit the landing page and request a video call, if and agent is available, then it connect immediately with the agent.

An audio call is generated when the agent clicks in the landing page, but agent video is only display when the agent accepts the video call. Video is unidirectional agent-client.

There is a possibility that there are no agents available, so the client can select a date and time to be called.


When you accept the call, the client will automatically start to see the agent.

This is an example of a Landing Page for in this case Openbank.

Desktop Landing Openbank

Video request with PIN

This scenario is typical when there is a audio call established between agent and client, but the agent wants to share something on the blackboard.

The client introduces the pin given by the agent and it generates a video call. Video call unlock the chat, the blackboard and the possibility of unidirectional video agent-client


In some campaigns it is not necessary to have an audio call to be able to share screen. This is because they handle the telephony.

This is an example of a Pin Page for in this case Naturgy.

Desktop Pin Naturgy

Inbound DDI

The numbers that agents use to call have a return, this is the possibility for the client to call back.

If there are not agents available, it is considered an abn in terms of telephony