The control panel (cPanel) presents this general structure.

cPanel skeleton

The cPanel contains different modules:

Module Description
Dashborard It allows real-time monitoring of the campaign as well as obtaining information on calls, times, coding and/or agents in a date range. The information is provided both in the form of tables and graphs.
Kira Recorded call viewing and listening tool.
Show room Allows connection to showroom devices
User manager It allows you to manage cPanel users and Desktop agents, including password changes, registrations, cancellations and modifications to profiles, departments and access permissions.
User settings Allows you to modify the user's own options such as changing the password
Softphone It allows you to manage the different queues, audit calls and the possibility of calling agents.

cPanel Visualization

Depending on the user group to which the user belongs, they may see one or other of the options presented here.